Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Woodturner's Love Poem to Lumber

by Charles Henderson

Juniper, Bois d'arc, Redbud, and Box Elder,
Oh, the sweet joy I feel when I've felled her.

Sycamore, Buckeye, Walnut and Pecan,
You look SO good at home spread out on the lawn.

Chestnut, Pistachio, or a nice ornamental,
My chainsaw's right here, but don't worry I'm gentle.

Cherry, Apricot, Ash and Salt Cedar,
I'll make sure you're safe, and covered in sealer.

Butternut, Hickory, Aspen and Willow,
Until it's your turn, right here you will mellow.

But some day, my sweets, your time will come.
You'll be on the bandsaw becoming a drum.

After much work and waiting it's time to begin.
On the lathe you will go to SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!!

What will you become? I alone can imagine.
A bowl, box, platter, or a beautiful pen?

You just may be gorgeous enough to become,
My newest, best vessel that's truly awesome.

Whatever it is, we both win no matter.
And don't worry, baby, no tear-out or chatter.

I'll cut you just perfect, and sand to perfection.
Then add a great finish for a flawless complexion.

Your destiny no longer will be to decay.
On the ground and forgotten, just rotting away.

A treasure you'll be, your new owner joyful.
Through a labor of love, I've made you immortal.

What a sub-par memory I seem to have.

Well, it's been over three years since I started this blog. It seems as though I had forgotten that I had started it, and never added it to my website. I am currently revamping, and this blog will hopefully be an important part of that going forward.

Friday, February 1, 2008

ChaKaJo on Blogger

As an addition to the website I've decided to add a Blog into the mix. This will help me manage keeping my news up to date without too much html and ftp usage. Keep an eye out here because it will be the most active part of the site. I'll be sharing new creations, ideas, and info. on shows, demos, and competitions.